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Online Training

Please take the time to follow the instructions that you will be emailed and register yourself on the Center Learn online classroom site.  The Deputy Chief of Personnel and Training will be assigning classes throughout the year with deadlines for completion.  The classes are usually a 1/2 hr to 45 minute presentation with a short quiz at the end.  A certificate will also be presented at the end of a passed quiz, which you can print out for your own records, however, no need to turn one into your officers- the Deputy Chief will have access to who completes and doesn't complete an assignment.  The Deputy Chief will also submit a sheet to dispatch for points at the deadline.

Any questions please feel free to contact an advisor or Explorer Lieutenant. 

When registering and signing in to the website, please use your Chili Fire Dept issued email.

The Chili Fire Department uses Safe Response online training for Hazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogens training.  You must create a free account the first time you use the website.  All explorers at the E-3 level must take this training each year so that they can participate in the ride-along program with the fire department.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency - Emergency Management Institute offers online independent study programs that are required for most first responders.  The Chili Fire Department, along with the Monroe County Fire Bureau and New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control, requires that its members take and pass the National Incident Management System - Incident Command Structure classes at the 100, 200 and 700 level.  Fire Explorers are not required to take these classes but are strongly encouraged to do so as they will be required in Firefighter 1 class or any EMS class in New York State.